What is workforce.io?

workforce.io helps entry level job seekers and employers connect. It's different from other job sites because it's based on job skills, a visual representation of the skills needed by an employee to succeed at a job.

How does it work?

For employers

  1. Post a job

    We've worked with employers across a variety of industries to create skills and descriptions for common jobs. Once you've found what you're looking for, you can customize the details to paint a more accurate picture of your job opening. Ready to post a job? Get started!

  2. Ask for Candidates

    When your job posting is up and running, trainers can recommend candidates with skill matches. Expedite the process by directly contacting them to get their best candidate. Meet with candidates directly by participating in one of our skill fairs! Get in touch for more information!

  3. Review recommended candidates

    Now that you've got recommended candidates, you can review them and decide which one would be the best fit for your company. Hiring works the way it always does – simply invite them to come in to interview!

For trainers

  1. Recommend candidates for a job

    Find the available jobs currently on workforce.io by looking through the jobs library. If one or more of your candidates match, make a recommendation!

  2. Endorse candidates with photos & video

    On workforce.io, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Showing you candidate in action says it all. Upload pictures and video to show employers exactly what they're capable of.

  3. Participate in a skill fair

    See how your training program meets employers' needs by participating in a workforce.io skill share fair! Get in touch to participate our next skill share fair.

For job seekers

  1. Invite mentors and trainers

    Invite the trainers and mentors you work with IRL to join workforce.io. They'll help you land a job by vouching for your skills!

  2. Add job skills to your profile

    Look through the list of jobs on workforce.io. When you find one you'd like to work towards, you can add all the skills required for the job right away. You can also look through the skills library to find individual skills. If you'd like to meet directly with employers, get in touch with us about joining your next skill share fair!

  3. Browse jobs and ask for a recommendation

    Once you've got some endorsements on your skills, it's time to get recommended! Find a job posting on our list of jobs. When you find one you're interested in, ask a trainer to make a recommendation.